Manuscript Copy Editing

I offer a personalised service that is tailored to your specific needs.

Now that you have finished your manuscript, it’s time to concentrate on its readability. We need to ensure that your readers have a great experience, and are able to immerse themselves in your story with no difficulty.

I want to help you polish your story, whatever your publishing goals, into a book that your readers will love.

How I will do this

I will perform a line by line, word by word edit of your manuscript.

I will check your:

  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation
  • Word choice, tone, flow, awkward phrasing and readability
  • Possible plot holes
  • Consistency of character traits
  • Dialogue style, tagging and punctuation
  • Authenticity of phrasing and word choices in relation to each character voice, to ensure they are original and fully developed
  • Consistent use of:
    • words
    • tense
    • terms used
    • spelling
    • capitalisation
    • hyphenation
    • abbreviations
    • use of language, spelling (Australian/British or American English) and style
  • The structure of your sentences and paragraphs
  • Development of scenes and topics
  • Believability, conflict, suspense, tension or action etc.

Alternatively, I can follow a house style if one is supplied.

A copy edit should correct and smooth, always retaining the integrity of your style and ‘voice’. I will ensure your writing flows well and that any distractions within the writing are corrected.

Included in this service, I will supply you with an editorial report and style sheet (if one is not supplied).

  • The editorial report details my observations while editing your book.
  • The style sheet records decisions about language, hyphenation, numbering, capitalisation, spelling variations, punctuation style and idiom usage, so that we can bring some consistency to your writing.

“As a first time author, I found working with Jenni to be very reassuring. She explained the process clearly, and answered my many questions.”

Rebecca Lee

Don’t work alone!