Business Editing

You may not know this, but your business needs an editor and a proofreader, and I can help.

Every business needs to feel confident that their documents reflect well on their business. Whether it’s reports, marketing material, in-house manuals, brochures, or digital content (to name a few), it all needs to have a professional finish. It is what your customers, investors, clients, and staff see. And we all know how important first impressions are.

As with any type of writing, we become so knowledgeable and familiar with the content that we can struggle to explain the content and purpose clearly to get our information across. We can also miss errors in the copy because we are too close to it. I suppose you could say we have trouble seeing the trees for the forest. When I edit, I will make sure that your intended audience will understand the document and take the action you want them to. I will bring clarity and consistency to your copy, making sure it is accurate, fit for purpose, and error free. This includes grammar, punctuation and vocabulary.

I will suggest rewriting content if required, check that the basic facts in your copy are correct, and I can rewrite your content into plain English aimed at your target audience. I am able to work with a supplied style sheet or create one if required. This ensures consistency across all documents.

By working with me, this frees up your time allowing you to do what you do best.

I wanted thank you for your help and support with my book. The message and meaning behind the book is not only sentimental but important, so thank you again for helping me with this.

James Buckley-Thorp – author of ‘The Age of the Ethical Entrepreneur’

Don’t work alone!