About Me

“My goal is to help businesses and professionals to better communicate with their target audience so they can achieve their goals.”

This is me, nice to meet you.

Hi, I’m Jenni. This is where I tell you a little about myself, so you can get an idea of who I am. I am a proud business owner who is lucky enough to work in a field that I am passionate about.

To start with, I am an editor and proofreader and I would like to help you. I specialise in business and professional documents, but also enjoy helping indie authors.

I have experience working with individual professionals and businesses of various sizes. I have extensive training and I have experience helping fiction authors too.

I won’t go into the services I can provide, that is what my main page is for.

As a professional copy editor and proofreader, I take what you have written and polish it so you are better able to communicate with your target audience. I don’t change what you write – I just help you express it in the best possible way.

The difference between Editing & Proofreading

Copy editors analyse, process and transform documents into intelligible, easy to understand prose. They look at the big picture. They ask, ‘What is the writer/author trying to say?’ and, ‘How will the reader best understand him/her?’

A proofreader polishes the writing and ensures that no errors have been missed during the editing phase.

Unlike large businesses, I offer a personal touch.

My authors/clients are not just another pay cheque.

When you contact my business, you will be communicating directly with me.

Because this is my business, I am able to keep my prices affordable. I frequently check the suggested rates for Australia via IPed and Rachel’s List, USA via the EFA website, and the UK via the CIEP.

If you’re nervous about working with an editor, why not get in touch for an initial chat about what you need.

You can take a look at my main page to see how I can help, and you can request a quote here.

If you would like to speak on the phone, include that in your email and we will book to have a chat.

I’ll be honest about how I can help you. If you want a service that I don’t provide, I’ll try to point you in the right direction.

That means that if we do work together, we’ll both feel we’ve found a good match. That’s the foundation of a great working relationship!

My Education

I have qualifications in editing and proofreading from the Australian College of Journalism, a Diploma in Business, and an undergraduate certification in Creative and Professional Writing. I also have experience as the Managing Editor of the Australian Home Education Network’s Magazine, Otherways.

To read about some previous projects I have worked on, please click HERE.

Don’t work alone …