Writing: Learning to Write

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Thank you for joining me this week, today’s post is a follow-on from last week’s post ‘Writing: Getting Started’.

Last week I touched on the fact that some people feel that they need some training in how to write before starting their writing project. I did, and if you would like to as well, then I hope you find the resources below to be of help.

If you are interested in creative writing courses, most registered training organisations (RTOs) offer them. Just do some research on Google and see which one appeals to you. Here is the link to my post about my experience of a creative writing course; please keep in mind, I didn’t go into the course looking to be a writer.

For those of you who are still at an early stage of your writing development, or who prefer to take a local writing course or join a writers’ group, might want to investigate the services of your local state writers’ centre or other writers’ organisations in your area. I know my local library runs a couple of courses aimed at writers.

Australian support for writers:

Australian Society of Authors

Australasian Association of Writing Programs

Australian Booksellers Association

Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators

Australian ISBN agency

Australian Literary Agents Association

Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers

Australian Publishers Association

Institute of Professional Editors

Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Overseas organisations that support writers and their interests:

Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Association

Association of Authors Representatives (US)

Authors Guild (US)

European Writers’ Congress

International Authors Forum

International PEN

International Publishers Association

New Zealand Society of Authors (NZ)

The Poetry Society of America (US)

Poets House (US)

Society of Authors (UK)

The Writers’ Union of Canada

Note from Jenni: I hope you found this post interesting. Next week I will be sharing more information to help writers in the early days of their writing careers. Please follow my blog so you don’t miss out on any upcoming posts.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me via my Contact Me page or leave a comment below. To find out more about my services, visit My Services page. You can also find me on Facebook by clicking the ‘F’ icon at the bottom of any page on my website.

Jenni Wade is a fiction copyeditor, line editor and proofreader who specialises in helping self-publishing authors, first-time authors, and helping businesses with their documentation. She is the Advertising Manager and an assistant editor for the Home Education Network magazine Otherways.

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