Book Review: Wands Have More Fun – Book 4 in the Widow’s Bay Series

‘The wail of sirens sliced through downtown Widow’s Bay. That usually meant I was going to be busy.’

Marzie Nowak’s life is busier than she thought it would be. When deciding to move back to her quiet little hometown on the Upper Peninsula to find her feet after divorcing her philandering husband, she didn’t expect her life to be quite so eventful.

If you haven’t read my previous posts in this Book Review Series, please read the first post HERE before continuing with this post. The first post is where I introduce you to the very talented American author – Rebecca Regnier.

Independently published on Amazon in June 2019, Wands Have More Fun continues the story of Marzie Nowak. She seems to have come to terms with finding out she is a witch and that the legends of supernatural beings are true. She has accepted her place in the DLC and in helping the newer witches learn their witch-skills. In this story, Marzie is now exploring dating again, all while dealing with dead bodies, a vampire with a ‘dad-bod’, the inaugural Miss (or Mister) Vernal Equinox Pageant, blizzards, and an ancient vampire who wants to take over.

‘Alvarado had moved into the area. He wanted to take over the world, or at least Widow’s Bay, because our ground, our water, and our air were vital to the Yooper Naturals. He also liked enslaving witches. All these were a hard no for us. And we’d contained him. This time we had an enemy within, sort of.’

Please see the blurb from Rebecca’s book Wands Have More Fun below.

“A dead body, a vampire with a dad bod, a beauty pageant, a blizzard, and getting back into the dating pool after twenty years? Just a typical week in Widow’s Bay.

After a judge for the inaugural Miss (or Mister) Vernal Equinox Pageant is found murdered, town reporter, Marzie Nowak, is pressed into service to judge the event. It’s the last place she wants to be, not only is the murder unsolved, but there’s also a vampire with a dad bod trying to suck the life out of patrons of the local microbrewery. Marzie’s magic plate is spilling over. It seems Marzie and the Widow’s Bay Witches have to figure out how to use wands, fast, if they want to protect their town from evil.

Then there’s the ancient undead but still handsome as sin billionaire with a crush on her. Dating a supernatural being at her age? What would she even wear for that? Marzie just wants to do her job and report the news of Widow’s Bay. And now there’s trouble on that front too, Marzie’s getting scooped on every story she covers. With a blizzard bearing down on the town, an unsolved murder, and wand making 101, Marzie just might meltdown. Thank goodness her cat Agnes and her sister witches in the coven are there to pick up the pieces!”

I have enjoyed reading all the books in the Widow’s Bay series, and this one is no exception. All the books in this series are well written with great characters – some you’ll like, some you won’t. Being a 40-something-year-old woman, I’m finding a lot I can relate to with the DLC members. These books all make me chuckle, and I love finding out how the DLC deal with all the things that are thrown their way. Add this to your ‘To Read’ list for the upcoming holiday season. I am looking forward to reading the next instalment from Widow’s Bay: Curse Strings.

☻☻☻☻☻ 5/5

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Book Details

Author: Rebecca Regnier

Title of the work: Wands Have More Fun, Book 4 – Widow’s Bay Series

Publisher: Independently Published (June 10, 2019)

ISBN-10 Number: 1073112748

Paperback: $12.99 / 206 pages / Amazon

eBook: $3.87 / 208 pages Amazon Kindle / FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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(Image courtesy of Rebecca Regnier)

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