Book Review: Late Broomers – Book 3 in the Widow’s Bay Series

“I licked the lipstick off my teeth, smoothed down the back of my hair, and checked to be sure my scarf was neatly tucked into my coat.

I also looked behind me to double check that police vehicles were set up where I expected. Everything was in order.

I hit the record button to go live.

The countdown ticked three, two, one.”

(*Please note that the quotes I include are from the pre-release version of the books, errors and all. The published version of the books will have the errors corrected.)

Another great introduction delivered by Rebecca Regnier to her third book in the Widow’s Bay Series, Late Broomers.

If you haven’t read my previous posts in this Book Review Series, please read the first post HERE before continuing with this post. The first post is where I introduce you to the very talented American author – Rebecca Regnier.

“A rogue witch, a former member of the Distinguished Ladies Club, had shut what the Yooper Naturals called The Gate. She’d spilled a lot of blood to keep the Yooper Naturals out. Lottie Bradbury was not a fan of vampires and shifters.

But the moment she was murdered, by an ingrate relative, it threw the Gate wide open, and since then a flood of incredibly good-looking and incredibly strange neighbours had moved in. I had been drafted into service as The Liaison. My job was to be an early warning system when trouble was about to break out. I’d found I could summon Brule, in an instant, and he could help when fender benders turned into rumbles between werewolves and bloodsuckers. Not something to put on my resume, but something that turned out, I was born to do.”

Published on Amazon in March 2019, Late Broomers continues the story of Marzie Nowak who is now moving on with her life post-divorce in her hometown of Widow’s Bay, in ways she never expected. Widow’s Bay, site of The Gate – a special place for supernatural beings, where murders seem to be on the rise, old vampire enemies are trying to take over, and Marzie and her new coven are trying to learn as much as they can to teach their new coven recruits. See the blurb from Rebecca’s book Late Broomers below.

“The witches learn that texting while flying is hazardous to their health!

The balance is off in Widow’s Bay. The once powerful vampire in charge is no longer at the top of the food chain. It’s a broomstick race to find out why before reporter Marzie Nowak and her friends become the latest bat snack! Plus, a murder on Main Street is making it quite a challenge to lure tourists to this haunted resort town in Michigan.

Learning to pilot a broom is only one of the items on the to-do list for the witches of Widow’s Bay. The coven learns they can’t swap Swiffers for brooms and that texting while flying is hazardous to their health. On top of that, a firebug seems bent on scaring tourists and sabotaging the Ice Festival. Small town reporter, and brand-new witch, Marzie Nowak has to figure out what’s weakening the powers of her vampire BFF and catch a murderer before it’s too late! Marzie navigates rude Facebook comments, her pushy cat, an expanding troll population, local politics, and perimenopause in the latest instalment of the Widow’s Bay series.”

Another spell-binding addition to the Widow’s Bay series. This series is an amusing, quirky tale involving witches, vampires, werewolves, even trolls. Just the right balance of humour, drama, and suspense to make you want to keep reading. As with the previous books in this series, this book is well written, amusing, and full of likable (and unlikeable) characters. Another great read for the upcoming holiday season.

☻☻☻☻☻ 5/5

To purchase this book, click here: Late Broomers – Amazon

To learn more about the author, follow this link:

Book Details

Author: Rebecca Regnier

Title of the work: Late Broomers, Book 3 – Widow’s Bay Series

Publisher: Independently Published (March 15, 2019)

ISBN-10 Number: 1090693079

Paperback: $12.99 / 228 pages / Amazon

eBook: $3.83 / 230 pages Amazon Kindle / FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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(Image courtesy of Rebecca Regnier)

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