36 Christmas Gift Ideas for the writer/author in your life!

It’s getting closer to that time of year again – Christmas! I noticed a couple of weeks ago that a few of our local department stores are already bringing out their Christmas stock – AND IT WAS ONLY OCTOBER!


I don’t know about you, but I have a few family members that I always have trouble finding gifts for. I thought I’d try to help those of you who either have writers in your life to buy for, or if you like some of the ideas here, find a way for people close to you to see.

I can’t personally vouch for these items as I don’t own any of them (yet). Don’t worry though, I’ll be printing out a copy of this post and leaving it somewhere for my husband to find.


The ideas have come from various places, and I have checked each website. Please also check that the companies will mail to your country.


1 - Messenger BagA messenger bag

So the writer in your life can take everything they need on the go, click on the link to check out the Top 10 Best Messenger Bags of 2019 – https://aguideproduct.com/top-best-messenger-bags-reviews/

(Image courtesy of agideproduct.com)

2 - Litograph T-shirtLitographs T-shirt

For the writer that likes to take their books with them, or even as a great conversation starter, find them at https://www.litographs.com/collections/t-shirts (Diana Gabaldon pictured above and image courtesy of litographs.com)


3 - The Rules of Writing MugAn inspirational mug

For when the writer in your life needs a bit of inspiration, or sometimes just a giggle, find some great mugs at https://www.cafepress.com.au/+writers+mugs (The Rules of Writing Mug pictured, and image courtesy of cafepress.com)


4 - writer-emergency-packThe Writer’s Emergency Pack

Something to help when inspiration is lacking, check out the Writer’s Emergency Pack. https://www.writeremergency.com/ (image courtesy of writeremergency.com)


5 - Literary Insults chartLiterary Insults Chart

Have a laugh at the Literary Insults Chart. “Relish the caustic creativity of this collection of zingers from great authors.” https://www.uncommongoods.com/product/literary-insults-chart (image courtesy of uncommongoods.com)


6 - The Writer's ToolboxThe Writer’s Toolbox

The Writer’s Toolbox: Creative Games and Exercises for Inspiring the ‘Write’ Side of Your Brain. Another one to help writers. Get yours here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/940976.The_Writer_s_Toolbox

(image courtesy of goodreads.com)


7 - Qwerkywriter Mechanical typewriterThe QWERKYWRITER ® Mechanical Typewriter-inspired Keyboard

For those that want the old-school feel of a mechanical typewriter. https://www.qwerkywriter.com/ (image courtesy of qwerkywriter.com)


8 - aqua-notes-homeAqua Notes

Yes, these are real. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel I do my best thinking in the shower! http://www.myaquanotes.com/ (image courtesy of myaquanotes.com)


9 - little box of magnetic wordsMagnets for their fridge?

Little box of Words is a cute little tin filled with awesome words. https://magneticpoetry.com/collections/little-box-of-words/products/awesome

(image courtesy of magnetpoetry.com)


10 - Just One More Chapter pillowThe perfect cushion

A cute cushion to decorate their home. My husband can vouch that this cushion would be perfect for me, I am known to say this a lot! Just One More Chapter at https://www.groovebags.com/products/just-one-more-chapter-book-pillow-cover?variant=16378148520002 (image courtesy of groovebags.com)


11 - Fred BookendsBookends

How about these awesome book ends to decorate their bookshelf – Fred THE END Dramatic Bookends. Get them here: https://www.amazon.com/Fred-THE-END-Dramatic-Bookends/dp/B007M2OFK0/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1542661068&sr=8-1&keywords=book+end+fred&linkCode=sl1&tag=writersdigestfwm-20&linkId=37eaaf7bb1776ca30c745ac8acd7d042&language=en_US (image courtesy of Amazon)


12 - Typewriter CoastersTypewriter Coaster Set

Check out this five-piece Typewriter Coaster Set, containing four coasters and a replica vintage-style typewriter to store them in.

Buy it on Amazon. (image courtesy of Amazon)


Scrivener 3.0

I have read many articles and posts that recommend Scrivener. Here is a quote from the ‘The Write Life’ website: Scrivener is unparalleled novel-writing software for both Windows and Mac. Scrivener is a word processor and project management tool created specifically for writers of long texts such as novels and research papers. It won’t try to tell you how to write—it just makes all the tools you have scattered around your desk available in one application. Scrivener provides access to the full power of the OS X text system: add tables, bullet points and images and format your text however you want. Define ranges of text as footnotes and they become footnotes when you export or print. And because the way you view your text onscreen may not always be how you want to see it in print, Scrivener makes it easy to format the printed or exported text completely differently from what is onscreen – leaving you free to focus on the actual writing.”

Get it here.


14 - PrismaColour red-blue pencils - AmazonEditing Pencils

For those that like to edit a hard copy of their work, these pencils are a great idea. One suggestion that has been made was to use the red end for errors and the blue for new ideas or additions.

Find them on Amazon. (image courtesy of Amazon)


15 - Once Upon a Time Game - AmazonOnce Upon a Time Storytelling Card Game

Tell your own fantastic tales of brave heroes and daring adventure! Once Upon a Time is the award-winning storytelling card game that encourages creativity and collaborative play. One player is the Storyteller, and begins telling a story using the fairy-tale elements on his/her Story cards, guiding the plot toward his/her Ending Card. The other players use their own cards to interrupt his/her and become the new Storyteller. The winner is the first player to use all his/her Story Cards and play his/her Ending Card. The object of the game, though, isn’t just to win, but to have fun telling a story together.

Find it on Amazon. (image courtesy of Amazon)


16 - Fingerless Gloves - AmazonWriting Gloves

Thinking ahead for next winter (in Australia, or your current winter in the Northern Hemisphere), for writers whose workspace is a bit chilly. You can keep typing with these cosy and fashionable fingerless gloves. You can also find J. M. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan, Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, and Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

https://www.amazon.com/Raven-Edgar-Allan-Poe-Fingerless/dp/B01EVYUYM4?ref=hdn_dp_car_mba_1 (image courtesy of Amazon)


17 - Bananagram Game - AmazonBananagrams

This game is said to be “like Scrabble, but on speed; with letter tiles, but no playing board. This anagram puzzler is suitable for all ages and is more about quick thinking and creativity than having a Merriam-Webster brain (though that helps).”

Find it on Amazon. (image courtesy of Amazon)


Domain name

Does your writer have their own website? If not, they probably have it on their ‘to do’ list.

Gift your writer with their very own domain name, giving them the boost they need to make their writing public or start blogging.

There are many websites that make it easy to grab the domain name of your choice, and most domains cost around $12/year. If you’re not sure which domain to buy, your writer’s first and last name is a good bet, like this: SusanSmith.com. If that’s not available, try SusanSmithWrites.com.

You can test out a few domain names to see what’s available.


19 - Stephen King BookBooks about writing

You can never go wrong with giving a writer a book, especially when the book is about writing. After all, most of us are self-proclaimed bookworms, and we’re eager to improve our craft.

Here are four books that The Write Life suggest that every writer should read more than once:

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

On Writing by Stephen King (pictured, this one is recommended by many and on my ‘to buy’ list!)

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

You Are a Writer by Jeff Goins

(image courtesy of Amazon)

20 - Literary Socks - Jane AustenLiterary socks

Gone are the days when socks were a lame gift your grandmother or aunt gave you.

There are many cool socks available these days. The writer in your life is sure to like these:

Jane Austen socks (image courtesy of Amazon)

Banned Book socks

Shakespeare socks


21 - Bose Noise Cancelling HeadphonesNoise-cancelling headphones

While some writers prefer the energetic buzz of a coffee shop while they write, other writers crave peace and quiet.

Noise-cancelling headphones can give them the silence (and productivity) they need to put pen to paper. Bose has a number of options on Amazon that range in price.

(image courtesy of Amazon)

22 - Literary Jewellery - EtsyLiterary jewellery

Know a stylish writer? Here are a few pieces they could add to any outfit:

A necklace with a Jane Austen quote

A bracelet that says “She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain.”

Oscar Wilde cuff links

Whether your writer loves Austen, Shakespeare or Poe, the JezebelCharms Etsy shop is filled with literary-inspired jewellery and accessories. (image courtesy of JezebelCharms)


23 - Dead Writers Perfumes - Immortal PerfumesLiterary perfumes

Inspire your writer with the scent of the masters who have gone before. Immortal Perfumes’ Dead Writers Perfume uses scents like black tea, clove and tobacco to evoke memories of first editions in old libraries.

One fun example is Pemberly: A Jane Austen Inspired Perfume. It features hyacinth, honeysuckle and peony — all flowers found in the garden of Chatsworth House, the estate believed to have inspired Austen’s Pemberly. (image courtesy of sweetapothecary.com)


24 - Literary Temp Tattoos -hamlet - LitographsLiterary tattoos (temporary)

If you want to give your writer something that lasts a little longer than a spritz of perfume — but not so long that it becomes a permanent life decision — shop from Litographs’ Literary Tattoo Collection.

These temporary tattoos include famous literary quotes such as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “So we beat on, boats against the current” and Oscar Wilde’s “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” Shakespeare is pictured. (image courtesy of litographs.com)


25 - Organiser Desk Lamp - AmazonDesk lamp that doubles as an organiser

A contributor to The Write Life website, Nicole Dieker, called the Equip Your Space CFL Functional Tablet Organiser Desk Lamp “the best thing I bought for my office this year.”

It is a low-cost, colourful lamp that includes outlets (two-prong and USB) so you can charge two devices simultaneously. It also has places to store headphones, paperclips or anything else you want to keep organized. (image courtesy of Amazon)


26 - Action Figure - AmazonLiterary action figures

These action figures are a good reminder that writers are superheroes too.

Your writer could use these to add some personality to their home office or stage an elaborate battle when they should be revising.

Accoutrements has a line offering Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allan Poe (pictured, image courtesy of Amazon).

27 - Writer Bookends - EtsyMore ‘Writer’ Bookends

What writer doesn’t love books?

Here’s a fun way to display them with “writer” bookends available on Etsy:

(image courtesy of KnobCreekMetalArts on Etsy)

(‘Author’ bookends also available)


28 - Book Cookbook - AmazonWriting-themed cookbooks

Ever wondered what is would be like to dine with your favourite book character? Well, now you can. These cookbooks are inspired by literary classics. Options range from the A Feast of Ice & Fire (Game of Thrones) to Dinner with Mr. Darcy (Pride & Prejudice) to The Little House Cookbook (Little House on the Prairie). (image courtesy of Amazon)


Kindle Unlimited subscription

With Kindle Unlimited, your favourite reader can access over a million books, plus thousands of audiobooks, for a flat monthly fee.

If your writer already has a Kindle, this could be a good option!


30 - 100 Books Bucket ListA poster for keeping track of books they’ve read

Perfect for the voracious reader, the 100 Books Bucket List Poster lets your writer track progress as they read a variety of books ranging from classics to contemporary hits.

This is a fun challenge and a cool piece of art to hang in their home. (image courtesy of uncommongoods.com)


31 - Literary Coasters - AmazonMore Writing-themed coasters

We love coasters as gifts because they’re both creative and practical.

Add some decoration to your writer’s desk or living room, while giving them a place to put their coffee or tea mug with any of these great coaster sets:

Jane Austen books coaster set

Library card coaster set

Pun book coaster set

(image courtesy of Amazon)

32 - Decorative Pen Holder - AmazonOffice supply storage

Help them keep their pens, Post-Its, and other supplies in order with a fun storage solution like this library book desk organizer or this Hemingway typewriter pencil cup.

(image courtesy of Amazon)


33 - Writing is Easy Mug - Etsy‘Being a writer is easy’ mug

Writing can be tough, stressful work. Make your writer laugh a little with this “Being a Writer Is Easy” mug.

(image courtesy of IndigoPineMugs on Etsy)


34 - Penguin Postcards - AmazonBook cover postcards

Postcards from Penguin: One Hundred Book Covers in One Box pays tribute to the iconic Penguin paperback book covers and packs 100 of them into one (easy-to-wrap) box.

Hopefully, they’ll be inspired to write 100 notes to loved ones or 100 extremely short stories. (image courtesy of Amazon)


35 - Reading is Sexy bumper sticker - buyolympia‘Reading is Sexy’

For a great stocking stuffer that will make your writer smile, grab a Reading is Sexy bottle opener, mug, bumper sticker or button.

(image courtesy of Buy Olympia)


36 - Book_Lover_Necklace The Literary Gift CompanyMore Bookish jewellery

Let your writer keep their favourite book close to the heart (or wrist or ears) with these pieces of literary jewellery made from real pages of popular novels like Treasure Island, Pride & Prejudice and Moby Dick. (image courtesy of the literarygiftcompany.com)


* A big thank you to The Write Life (https://thewritelife.com/gifts-for-writers/) for their great gift ideas. Check out their website for extra ideas.


(Main image courtesy of Pexels via WordPress)

Note from Jenni: I hope you found this post helpful with Christmas looming near! Next week I will be sharing a book review on book 1 in a fantastic series titled Widow’s Bay by author Rebecca Regnier. Click HERE to read. Please follow my blog so you don’t miss out on any upcoming posts.


If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me via my Contact Me page or leave a comment below. To find out more about my services, visit My Services page. You can also find me on Facebook by clicking the ‘F’ icon at the bottom of any page on my website.


Jenni Wade is a fiction copyeditor, line editor and proofreader who specialises in helping self-publishing and first-time authors. She can also help businesses with their documentation. She is an Associate Member of the Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd) Australia.

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