A Recent Project

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Today I would like to share a little about a project I recently worked on. It is a non-fiction book by an extremely successful entrepreneur by the name of James Buckley-Thorp called ‘THE AGE OF THE ETHICAL ENTREPRENEUR: Companies aren’t just becoming more ethical, but so are the founders, but why? and how?’

Starting with just £40 and a sewing machine in his dorm room at college, the business became a £3million fashion brand available in 150 locations across the UK. As I said, successful!

In June 2019, I had the pleasure of being welcomed by James as a part of his team for this project. I was part of a group of selected proofreaders to carry out the final check of his book before it was published (released on Amazon 1st September 2019). I enjoyed working with James, and I also enjoyed his book.

This book hits the mark of what many customers want from businesses today. If you are in business and want to stay up to date and relevant to the customers that are purchasing now, and those that will be purchasing in the future, this is a must read.

If you would like to read more about James’ journey and success, please follow one of these links – https://www.jamesbuckleythorp.com/, or http://bit.ly/2k35XjM. You can also find James on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/JBTlinkedin.

See below for more information about the book from the Amazon.com website. The link is at the end to take you to Amazon if you would like to purchase it.

Amazon: “‘By buying my book, you’re also buying into the inescapable truth that what we consider ethical business today will be mainstream business tomorrow. By reading it, you’re also showing your heart is in the right place. I’m truly grateful you’re living in this ethical age with me. Age of the Ethical Entrepreneur is written from the heart. That might seem an unusual thing to say about a business book, but ethical business is different: it requires a smart head and a good heart to serve the growing number of consumers who demand more moral behaviour from business, and less impact on the planet. I believe we’re living in the age of the ethical entrepreneur, and in my book, I’ll show you the good they’re doing for their customers, and the world’. James Buckley-Thorp founded the international clothing brand, Rupert and Buckley in 2011. Since exiting the business, he has gone on to explore the world of ethical business. Helping find an ethical investment group in London as well as working with start-ups in both Silicon Valley and Europe, Buckley-Thorp has gone on to give a vision of the now and future of ethical businesses as we know it.” (https://amzn.to/2KRrK8F)

Release Date: 1st September 2019 – available now

Format: eBook & Paperback

Available: Amazon

Price: Free on Kindle Unlimited or $11.99AUD / Paperback $26.20AUD (prices accurate 14/09/2019)

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James Buckley-Thorp

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