Maximize Your Setting: Bringing Locations, Eras and Worlds to Life on the Page

Another helpful post – I hope! Written by guest columnist Curt Erikson for Writer’s Digest. Published June 2018. Curt Eriksen was born in Kansas, but spent half of his life in Europe. He currently lives between the Sierra de Gredos, in western Spain, and Boston. Eriksen’s short fiction, novel extracts, and political commentary have appeared in numerous print and online journals in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, India, and Spain, including Blackbird, Rosebud, and Alba. Currently unrepresented, Eriksen is working on a novel about the origins of salsa in the early days of the Cuban Revolution. Learn more at

“When the reader can feel as if they are physically in your story’s setting, they will be more inclined to let themselves experience what the characters are seeing and hearing. … Click HEREto keep reading.


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