Maximizing Writing Productivity While Working Full-Time

This post is from the Writer’s Digest website. Written by guest columnist Audrey Wick and published in November 2018. Audrey Wick is an author with Tule Publishing and a full-time English professor at Blinn College in Texas. Her debut women’s fiction title Finding True North released in April, and its sister story, Coming Home, released in July 2018. Her writing has also appeared in college textbooks published by Cengage Learning and W. W. Norton. Audrey believes the secret to happiness includes lifelong learning and good stories—but travel and coffee help. She has journeyed to more than 20 countries and sipped coffee at every one. See photos on her website

I chose to share this post with you as I know that many writer’s, especially those early in their careers, are working full-time while trying to find time to write. I hope this post offers some tips that help you.

“Many writers dream of days they can devote entirely to their craft. But the reality is that working a day job in a field often unrelated to writing is sometimes a financial necessity, especially for new and debut authors … ” click HEREto continue reading.


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