Finding Story Ideas That Truly Provoke Your Passions

This is a post I found on the Writer’s Digest website. It was written by Amy Jones which was published in February 2019. It is a transcript of an interview Amy did with Min Jin Lee. Min Jin Lee talks about finding story ideas that truly provoke your passions and how to tune out the burden of expectations. I hope you find it helpful and interesting. Just a letting you know that this post is a little long.

“Before becoming the acclaimed author of two bestselling books, Min Jin Lee was used to working outrageous hours as a lawyer in a New York firm. So it should be no surprise that as a fulltime writer, Lee now throws herself into researching and promoting her books with that same relentless rigor.

When Lee spoke with WD, she was on the last leg of a 12-day tour that included conducting research for her next book at a punk-rock bar in Minneapolis, giving a speech about women in the workplace at the Wall Street Journal conference in San Francisco and accepting the fiction runner-up award for the Dayton Literary Peace Prize in Dayton, Ohio.

“I do have an agenda—to make you all Korean,” she said during her acceptance speech at the DLPP ceremony. “After all, perhaps it is the job of writers to ask, Could they be us?” It’s that sentiment that resonates so deeply throughout Lee’s work—the ability to provide readers a portal into her character’s experience.” Click HEREto read more.


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